to the ASTM Standard D-6193
(Formerly Federal Standard 751a)

"This Guide Is Designed To Enable You To Easily Find and Utilize The Correct ASTM D-6193 Stitch and Seam Standard for your product specifications, communications and development

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Stitch Class Guide

100 ClassSingle-Thread Chain Stitch
200 ClassHand Stitch
300 ClassLock Stitch
400 ClassChain Stitch
500 ClassOveredge Stitch
600 ClassFlat Stitch
Button Hole Stitches
Button Sew Stitches

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The stitches in this guide are the most commonly used stitches. Click Here to see the listing of ASTM D-6193 stitches not illustrated.

Seam and Stitching Class Guide

SS ClassSuperimposed Seams
LS ClassLapped Seams
BS ClassBound (Binding) Seams
FS ClassFlat (Butted) Seams
EF ClassEdge Finish Stitching
OS ClassOrnamental Stitching

Select a seam class for individual diagrams

Seams are identified by symbols as follows;
Class of Seam: Two or more upper case letters
Type of the Class: One or more lower case letters
Number of Rows of Stitches: Designates the Number
of Needle Rows in the Stitch

Sewing Machine Bed Type Guide

Flat Bed (Fully Submerged Bed)
Semi-Submerged Bed
Raised Bed
Post Bed
Off-the-Arm Bed
Cylinder Bed
Long Arm Flat Bed

Select a Bed type for further information

Sewing Machine Feed Type Guide

Drop Feed (Regular)
Needle Feed
Compound Feed
Unison Feed
Differential Feed
Compound-Differential Feed
Wheel Feed
Cup Feed

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Fabric Edge with Pinking
Fabric Edge without Pinking
Stitch Swatch Guide
Picoetta Stitch (Decorative)
Two Needle Fagoting Stitch (Decorative)

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